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Kid's Camp

An exciting annual event that takes place at our District's Campgrounds. Every year, children from across the state of Virginia gather for three days to connect and experience the power of the Holy Ghost. Day activities are filled with fun and laughter, while the night services tap into Apostolic power and authority!

Teacher Trainings

The Virginia District Children's Ministry is very excited to host teacher trainings across the state! Our teachers possess a serious directive: to pass on the future of the Apostolic movement to the next generation. These trainings are vital opportunities to not only receive spiritual encouragement and practical guidance, but also to connect with other likeminded teachers who have a burden for the next generation just like you.

Children's Ministry

Our vision is to connect the past, present, and future generations to the eternal purposes of God. We desire for every child to come to a full understanding of the Gospel of Christ and seek to find their purpose and place in the Kingdom of God. 

Virginia District Children's Ministry seeks to train, equip, and motivate teachers to evangelize, disciple, and nurture the spiritual development of the youngest saints among us. 

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